Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Krupamayi hospital is one of the best cancer hospital in Marathwada. Most professional and experienced doctors. All staff are helpful, the hospital is very clean.
I recommend this hospital for the best recovery.


Here you can get the best treatment of major diseases in the world like cancer, Dr. Vijay Borgonkar sir and Dr. Viraj Borgonkar sir are available here for the best service. Here if you don’t have sufficient payment for treatment and operations so the hospital can provide the government Pradhan Mantri Yojana also for free treatment.

Mohsin Khan

Best treatment facilities are available in this Hospital. All staff is very helpful, supportive & caring about patients.

Sandeep Mali

Krupamayi Hospital In Best Cancer Hospital Marathwada. Excellent treatment by an experienced Doctor.

Kata Set Ladasaongi

Best And Best ever Surgeon Very Good Experience With Dr. Viraj Sir And Dr. Vijay Borgaonkar Sir.
Krupamayi Hospital is one of the best Cancer hospitals in Marathwada. All Staff are helpful, Hospital is very clean.

Nilesh Gaikwad

Krupamayi Hospital in Excellent Treatment By Experience Doctor.

Amol Bankar

Krupamayi Hospitals

Krupamayi hospital is leading a cancer hospital since 1980, Krupamayi Hospital has been providing quality healthcare for people with diverse needs. Krupamayi hospital has evolved as a center of excellence in healthcare services.

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Address: Krupamayi Hospital “Akshay” Smadhan Colony, Railway Station Road, Near Baba Petrol pump, Opp, Youth Hostel,
Aurangabad (Maharashtra) – 431001

Call Us: 0240 233 5188, 7410030366


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