Excellence is our Tradition Krupamayi Hospitals Krupamayi Hospitals Introduced a leading
symbol of hope and Assurance in a comprehensive
healthcare Services.
42 years of impeccable service Know More
Introducing Halcyon Krupamayi Hospital Introduced "Halcyon" the Leading Edge Radiotherapy Treatment System for Healing , Treating , and Curing Cancer Know More About Halcyon Know More About CMR Robots, Know More About Next Generation Surgical Robotic Surgery In pursuit of excellence, Krupamayi Hospitals has launched the facility of surgical
Robot - Versius (CMR) which enables us to provide Minimal Access Surgery(MAS)
Next-Generation Surgical Robot "Versius"- CMR
Total Surgery 50K +

Total Year 40 +

Emploloyees 250 +

Krupamayi In Number 6

Awards and
150 +

Happy Patient Beds 100 +

1000k +

ICU Beds 50 +

Operation Theatre Dialysis Unit 15

Welcome To Krupamayi Hospitals

Over the last four decades, Krupamayi Hospitals has been providing quality healthcare for people with diverse medical needs. Consistently, Krupamayi hospitals have been established as a center of excellence in cancer and surgery, providing outstanding quality standards of medical treatment to all sections of society.Krupamayi Hospitals is committed to providing world-class healthcare services at affordable cost with a constant and relentless emphasis on quality, excellence in service, empathy, and respect for the individual.


- Quality Care

- Team - Expert Group of Doctor

- Advance Technologies

- Advance Facilities

Integrated Cancer Care

- 24/7 Active Healthcare

- Cashless Facility

- Personalized Care

- Clinical Excellence

Patient Testimonials

Gopinath Dhondge
Gopinath Dhondge
डॉ. विराज सर अतिशय हुशार व्यक्तिमत्त्व. मराठवाड्यातील सुसज्ज कर्करुण्णालय. Radiation ची सुविधा सुरू करावी.
mamlesh asawa
mamlesh asawa
It's a good Hospital. For patients &good behavior of staff. I am taking Dialysis since 06 months.
Pratibha Patil
Pratibha Patil
The best Doctor, good staff,and perfect treatment.
Pooja Doshi
Pooja Doshi
One of the best hospital in Aurangabad with best doctors Viraj Borgoakar, best staff, neat and clean. Keep it up
Yash Khairnar
Yash Khairnar
I really appreciate all the doctors and nursing staff for their commitment and supportive staff 👏 ❤ 100/100
aneet bindra
aneet bindra
Very good hospital.

NABH Accredited Hospitals

Preserving Trust In The Community While bench marking The best is what characterizes Krupamayi Hospitals . We are NABH Accredited Endorsing Patients safety and Quality care in every aspect

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