How Chemotherapy Work

Chemotherapy is a treatment that uses medication (drugs) to kill cancer cells. It works by preventing cancer cells from growing, dividing, and proliferating into more cells. Chemotherapy has a larger effect on cancer cells because they grow and divide quicker than normal cells.
Chemotherapy medications, on the other hand, are potent and can harm healthy cells. This may have bad effects. Read on if you’re considering chemotherapy or want to know what the Best Cancer Doctor in Aurangabad would say.
Types Of Chemotherapy
Standard chemotherapy, also known as traditional chemotherapy or cytotoxic chemotherapy, is a powerful drug-based treatment.
Chemotherapy is used in a variety of ways by doctors at different times. These include:
● Neoadjuvant chemotherapy is used before surgery or radiation therapy to shrink tumors.
● Adjuvant chemotherapy is used after surgery or radiation therapy to kill any remaining cancer cells.
● Including the treatment. For example, leukemia and lymphoma are cancers of the blood and lymphatic system.
● That comedy returns after treatment for recurring cancer.
● For cancer that has spread to other regions of the body and is metastatic.
Chemotherapy’s goal will be determined by the type of cancer and how far it has spread. At times, the only goal is to get rid of cancer and prevent it from returning. If this isn’t possible, chemotherapy can be used to delay or delay the spread of cancer.
Chemotherapy can help manage cancer symptoms by delaying or slowing the growth of cancer. Palliative chemotherapy is chemotherapy that is used to prevent the spread of cancer. Choosing A Chemotherapy Plan Cancer drugs are widely available, and your chemotherapy will be prescribed by a medical oncologist. A mix of drugs may be given to you, as this may be more effective than just one
Many factors affect the drugs, doses, and treatment schedule, including the type of cancer, tumour size, location, and whether or not it has spread. Cancer’s “stage” will be determined by this. Age and health, body weight, other medical issues, and prior cancer therapy, if any, are all considerations to consider.
How much time does it take?
Chemotherapy is usually given for a set period of time, such as a few months or a year, but some people continue to receive it as long as it works.
Because some of the drugs’ adverse effects are too severe to be given every day, they are normally given with breaks so that patients can rest and recover in between treatments, allowing healthy cells to heal.
The first dose of chemotherapy, for example, could be given on the first day, followed by a three-week break before restarting the treatment. A treatment cycle is a three-week period, and a course of chemotherapy is made up of numerous cycles. A course of chemotherapy normally
lasts roughly three months.
A dose-dense regimen can be used to treat some cancers with reduced recovery time between cycles. Chemotherapy may be more successful against some cancers as a result of this, but it also increases the risk of side effects. At Krupamai Hospital, talk to the best Chemotherapy. Specialist in Aurangabad about the optimal treatment schedule for you.